Why the 12 hour gap between posts – work flow for social media

work flow

There is no fixed pattern or frequency of posting on social media. However for a blogger, a suitable pause between posting will help you reach your audience. Besides there is a bit of work before and after a post. Here is a suggested work flow for posting.

Pre-requisites and preparations

  • Get the post and caption ready. Description if needed and hash tags.
  • Connect Instagram with Facebook page for automatic posting.
  • Choose the suitable time for posting as per the composition of your audience.

Step 1 – Post on Instagram

Create a post on Instagram. Linking with FB page should auto post on Facebook too. Create a link of the post on story. Make it catchy and attractive for people to click on it. Story on Instagram is replicated on FB stories also. But you can create a different Facebook story. You can share a story between close friends too.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook Story

Facebook is the largest social media network and build your social circle and client circle around Facebook. Stories are the best way to reach to your audience. It is the fastest way to take your followers to new content on your page. Post can be featured in profile story as well as page story.

Step 3 – Share you post in Groups

Facebook groups are active and they help you meet people with similar interests. Some groups are area based and include general members from all categories and background. Small locality groups are very useful to promote your services in the form of a post. Keep searching for groups which your posts will fit and engage your audience.

Step 4 – Share to Google My Business

Google My Business should be on the top of your to do list. Even if you do not want to mark a location publicly on Google Maps, you should have a presence. Offers and Services especially can be posted on Google My Business so that any customer coming for the first time is able to see your portfolio.

Step 5 – Share to other social media

Finally you can share to the rest of the social media accounts like Twitter or Pinterest and so on. Remember, there are far too many social media networks these days to even keep a track of, leave alone getting meaningful traffic from it. Besides you do not want to keep posting content throughout the day.

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