What is happiness and how to find it


Who doesn’t like happiness? It is one of the most wished thing. Let us understand happiness and see how God deals with it.

The difficulty of being God

With almost all of us asking God for happiness, what choices does God.

Option 1 – Make everyone happy and get it done with.

Option 2 – Like Jim Carrey in the movie “Bruce Almighty”, key in granted to all wishes of all people.

Option 3 – Be a God and do the right thing for humans.

Nature decides to balance

We roughly get 50% of everything. Equal happiness and sorrow in the same day. Half of good times and half of bad times in one year.

So should we start our day with happiness. Consider this. You are awake in the morning, fresh and alive. Take on you most difficult and challenging tasks head on. But the time the day is half way though, the universe conspires to make your remaining day happy.

Hence a word of caution, do not seek happiness all day long or in the beginning of the day.

Are we children of God?

Yes. But if we ask happiness from God, what do we get as an answer for our prayers and wishes.

What happens to so many people who put in hours of daily prayers. So many people going for pilgrimage to holy places.

If not all our prayers are answered, what exactly is given to us by God.

Distribution of opportunities

You are reading it right. God gives opportunities, equal opportunities to all. Do we miss opportunities, yes. Do we allow an opportunity to pass by, possibly. Do successful people grab all opportunities coming their way, absolutely yes.

Life is an album of wasted opportunities

We waste so much time pursuing wrong things. Sometimes it is hope. Other times it is habit. But it is always time to take stock and do a course correction.


  • Set your goals and start working on achieving them
  • There is no such thing as happiness, try achievement instead
  • Compete with yourself
  • Begin your day taking on challenges
  • Read this article once again and accept realities of life

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