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Blogger by Google had defined the world of blogging till it was taken over by storm by WordPress. But Blogger still remains a popular blogging platform. It is actively developed by Google. Though the design has not gone any revolutionary changes, the integration with Google + or Google AdSense is neat. In this article we will have a quick view of how to setup a blog in Blogger.

Getting Started with Blogger

If you already have an account with Google, either by Gmail or YouTube or Google Plus, you are good to begin. If not you need to open an account with any of the Google Services. You can also straightway begin with Blogger and open a Google account from there.

Look for the yellow colored Blogger icon after expanding the nine small boxes on the top right of your screen.

Once you click on Blogger, the linking process of your Blog with Google account and creation of a new blog begins.

At this time please note that it is highly recommended that you already have a Google Plus profile in place. Google Plus is the social networking arm of Google. It has not taken on the social networking scene as Google would have hoped it to, but still it is a formidable platform and an integration with your blog always helps.

Once your profile is confirmed, you can continue to Blogger.

Starting a New Blog in Blogger

Look for the New Blog button on the left side of the screen.

Click on the button to open the New Blog interface.

There are three things to be chosen here

  • Your Blog title
  • The address of your blog
  • Template of your blog

The blog title will appear in the Title Bar of your web browser and on the top portion of your blog. The address of your blog is what will appear in the address bar. It is a sub domain of blogger, and it is always in the form of

where ‘something’ is what you get to choose.

Be very careful of what you choose for the Blog Address. Once chosen it cannot be changed or transferred. There are some work around and some tricks but they are basic at best.  You can of course use a TLD as your blog address too. This part will be covered later in a separate article.

A template is what defines your blog design. Google has been very slow on providing options for users. Third party templates are available which help bloggers a lot. But at this time, design options are far far limited for Blogger.

Once you have finalized all three options, click on the Create Blog! button.

Writing your first post

Blogger works out of the box. So after your blog is ready, instead of navigating the options it is best to write a new post for your blog and then check how it looks.

For that locate the New Post button on the top left and click it.

Once you click on the new post button, it opens up the writing interface.

Like the Blog interface, even the new post interface has got lots of options, but those can be explore later. Right now it would be suffice to say that all the essential tools to blog are packed in here by Google.

Start typing the text of your post in the post area, and once you are satisfied with the post, press the publish button.

How a post is published

If you have a Google Plus profile, the post will prompt you to publish it on your google plus profile so that your friends and followers can view your blog post. Beyond that nothing else is asked from you and your post is published. You can view your post in your blog by clicking on the view blog button.

The scope of the article is to cover the basics of Blogger. Eventually we will see all the options in detail in future articles.

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