What is a single page website

single page website

A single page website as the name suggests is popular these days. It offers advantages over the traditional multi pages setup. It is also quick and fast to setup. And best of all, its a boon for those who just need to have a presence on the cyberspace.

Single page WordPress website

Salient features of single page website are

  • Just one page to scroll
  • Works great on a smart phone screen
  • Content can be arranged in blocks
  • Personal websites can be single page
  • Website is light and fast
  • Anchor menus can help visitor skip content
  • Affordable hosting
  • Keeps the visitor interested till the end

We have many examples of single page website. But here is a notable few.

One page website advertising a single product
Example of Single Page Personal Website
Single Page website for Nidhi Gupta – Director, Likhavat Academy Pvt Ltd
Single Page Website for Ruchi Nagpal – Manager, Oriflame

Why WordPress

The popularity of single page website means that WordPress has also got single page themes. However Astra still remains the most popular and fast plugin. Another good theme is Neve. With a few other plugins, a fast website is possible.

Difference between a regular website and single page website

  • Both are dynamic, but single page website has static content, means content which will be rarely updated
  • There will be no blog articles of updates on single page website
  • With lack of pages and articles, there is no need for a menu
  • A single page website can at later stage be converted to multi page website
  • Single page website is best for professionals
Example of multi page Website – Roop Veda

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