How to increase traffic and visitors to your blog/website

increase traffic

As a blogger newbie, this is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind.

increase traffic

Get big on social media, start with Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network. Be present in your dual role as a webmaster and author. Just by posting your article link on your time line will get you enough views to begin with. But for that make sure you have relevant friends and followers. Increase your social circle. It is a good idea to open a Facebook Page for your Website or brand. If you are on WordPress, link your website/blog to a Facebook page for auto-post to the page. Build followers on your page. Connect with potential readers. Join groups to promote your work. On the other hand, note that reckless posting of links is not liked by most groups. You will be reported and banned.

Follow just about the same for any other social media accounts you might open. Ensure the accounts profile is complete and uniform across all accounts. Make sure website link is inserted in the about section of profile. Social media networks like Tumblr and Twitter allow for direct posting of links. So these should be on the top of your priority list. There are far too many options of social media. Be careful that you do not over exert with your link posting.

Use the WordPress App

WordPress has two options, a self hosted version and The WordPress smartphone app is designed for both. It is the only app of its kind which brings together all WordPress users on a single platform. On a selfhosted WordPress website you need to connect with Jetpack plugin and enable the like and follow button. Use the app to build up an audience and network. Even a new blog or website can easily get views this way. The app is still buggy and will give some tense moments before working smoothly.

Have a presence on LinkedIn

Once logged in, go to Profile in the Posts and Activity section. Here you can directly post a link to your article. WordPress supports auto-sharing of article links to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is your online resume. It works on profile building and connections. Connect with, like minded people and potential audience. An investment of building connection even for a few minutes in a day will help build a strong network.

Use posts on Google My Business

Google My Business is on its way becoming a social media and networking platform. It allows posting of products and services and posts on your map marking. These posts can be linked to any URL or link. Bloggers can make an entry on maps without making their location public. First time visitors who reach your location from Google Maps should be able to get an idea of you blog based on the posts on Google Maps. Also make sure that all information is filled up and upto date on your map marking.

Answer questions on Quora

Quora has become one of the most popular platform for people asking questions. Why not, research on what questions people are asking the most. While answering question, you are allowed to post a link to your article. Happy answering. Quora began as a simple question answer website. Today they have grown the scope of their activities and given more tools for visitors and viewers. But the novel idea of asking simple questions and many people answering is simply great.

Email marketing is not dead

All apps and platforms have a way to place subscribe option on your own page. In addition you can build your own email mailing list. Make catchy newsletters and give links to your articles. Make sure the articles have a high readability value. WordPress users make sure you have the JetPack plugin installed which places a subscribe button on your pages. If you are into offers of products or services, email is one of the safest ways to reach out to your potential customers.

Guest Post

A guest post was the best way to build connections with confidence. Till Google clamped down on its abuse. Google never banned the use of a guest post. It always wanted to filter out the paid content from genuine articles. So if you are marking paid or promotional posts with the nofollow tag, all is well with Google. Despite the negative aura around it, guest post is still a great idea. Get hold of relevant people to invite them to write on your blog.

Submit to online directories

Just like guest posts, website directories also faced the music of Google penalty. A well maintained directory however will drive enough traffic to your website articles. Choose your directories well. Forums also work the same way.

Write to reputed websites

Get in touch with webmasters and editors of news websites and those catering for your niche. Impress upon them to post an article written by you. It is much easy to approach them now, unlike the old days of printed word where you had to deal with pesky publishers. Start small and grow big. Along the way, do advertise your own website. It is also easier in case of single admin websites, they do look for guest posts from time to time. If writing for free, negotiate your terms and conditions well.

Do what Google likes

Above nine points pretty much will give you a good head start. But do not forget the one thing that matters, SEO. Google from time to time advertises what it wants out of webmasters and publishers. Few of those guidelines are hazy as always. But keep yourself posted and updated with regards to what Google wants. Few of the evergreen stuff is good website design, fast servers, great content, well researched key words and scores of other things. Follow the blog or tweets of those who matter. With all these things taken care of, most of the hard work of reaching the audience will be done by Google.

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