How to increase followers on Instagram – the organic way

increase followers on instagram

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app. After acquisition by Facebook, the guys made it clear that the basic identity of Instagram will remain. Instagram is updated almost every month with new features added. Although primarily a social media app, many users are onboard for business purpose. Catering to their needs, Instagram has a creator and a business account. For those who want to keep it close, privacy settings can be set to personal and visible only to family and friends.

Most of the Instagrammers are there for social visibility. For them likes and followers are of paramount importance. So lets begin with the steps that will take you to Instagram stardom.

Basic data – Fill it up

Instagram profile consists of bits and pieces of information which should be filled up. Name, Username, Category (for business), Website and Bio. Completely fill up the 150 letters in bio. You can use hashtags in your bio. Profile picture is a must and use an image which is bright and clear.

Call button can be configured with either mobile number or email address. It is nice addition to the main screen and sits snugly next to the message button.

Use story highlights to get attention

Stories are for 24 hours. A story can be saved as a highlight. Your story highlights stay forever on your profile, at the most eye catching place.

Share you Instagram profile link

Once in a while you need to share your Instagram profile to someone on messengers like WhatsApp or on Facebook. On the profile page click on the three drops on top right to get the options.

Use the option of copy profile URL. If you add some text introducing yourself and what your profile provides, it will be a bit more attractive.

Content is King

Social media apps are no longer simple lines of code. Complex AI algorithms run by powerful supercomputers analyze each content for originality and viral-bility. Focus on the following.

  • Bright and bold pictures. Lots of colour and enough detailing.
  • Stabilized videos (use in-phone app if available or use Google Photos).
  • Professional video-graphers must invest in a good phone gimbal.
  • Use highest resolution for clicking pics and videos. Many phones are not set for HD or 4K shooting by default because of the battery drain they cause.
  • Focus on the captions. Creative captions speak a lot. If there is a long story to be told, go on and say it.
  • Use icons and smileys wherever needed.
  • Hashtags are the key to post getting to the right people. Use them sensibly. Do a hashtag research of how others are using and which ones are trending.

How to increase followers on Instagram

  • In case of a personal account, start with your known friends and relatives. You will keep getting suggestions from Instagram to follow certain people. This is pretty accurate.
  • Your place of work or your college is your next step. Make sure you follow each and every colleague and classmate. In case of college, classmates will respond almost immediately.
  • Be a part of your school and college alumni. Each batch or maybe the whole college will have Alumni group. Be part of these groups and let them know you are on Instagram. Everyone has a strong bond with batch-mates and they will be followers for life.
  • As service provider or business person, keep a list of clients, both present and former saved as your phone contacts. Instagram will ask for access to your contact list and pick up who all is already on Instagram. In a similar manner keep in touch with your supplier, distributors and other service providers.
  • Follow your competitors on what they are posting and how they approach clients. Poach their followers and all those who are liking their posts.
  • Create captivating stories and tag people in your posts.
  • Finally – do not forget to like others posts and appreciate their work by dropping a comment. I have heard enough people drag with the explanation that I will like only those posts which interests me. And I know for sure, they end up liking nothing other than their own.

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