Good guys finish last

good guys
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Once a boy asked a girl, “What’s wrong with you women!”. With a frown she replied, “Nothing, we are 100% perfect”.

Let’s define the good guys

Good Guys are hidden from plain sight unlike the handsome hunks seen and available everywhere. Good guys are either achievers or working hard at getting there, as opposed to the hunks who except for school and college days spend their entire life trying to achieve something and always managing to fail.

Good Guys basked in the glory of their success on the terraces of Santorini while losers keep playing the emotionally distress card to the horde of their women followers out on a mission to heal them.

If the losers who are also gifted with good looks are at a losing spree, the women come out to rescue them with their emotional powerhouse. They will nurse, feed and care for losers who will convince them that they are at the receiving end with no fault of theirs.

This also means that women do not have anything to offer to the good guys who are busy achieving success. It will never occur to the woman that a lifetime of misery can just be changed by a matter of choice.

How to identify the good guys

This part is not meant for the woman who wants to tame the beast aka the handsome hunk aka the loser. But for the woman who is now clear about the perils of dating losers, here are some signs of who is the good guy in her life.

Good guys never judge

He will never ask you why you did this. But that does not mean he will not give you his opinion. Remember, achievers have a strong sense of right and wrong. They will point out things, sometimes in a brutal manner. As it is, the universal truth is that it is better to keep honest critics around you rather than fake admirers.

This guy will be fascinated by whatever you are doing

And whatever you do or tell him will put a smile on his face. He will sell you the idea that life or relationships have no boundaries. The loser will always be placing bounds on you. Many women mistaken boundaries to getting attention but after some time it brings in toxicity in the relationship. The good guys will worship your capabilities and work first and then worship you.

If each conversation is like a bite of chocolate cake, this is the good guy

Cute and handsome guys can talk, but its not a conversation but rather a narcissistic monologue which many women like. That part will remain a mystery. But with the good guys one thing is assured, great conversations in which the woman does most of the talking! Good guys are great listeners. They might not agree with everything you say, but will convert it into a positive aspect only. If you are looking forward for even five minutes of conversation, then that guy is the good guy.

Those five minutes will make you feed good, remove your tiredness and make worries around you disappear.

Good guys are never cute

There is a whole feminism movement focused on this point that why brides are chosen on looks and external appearances. But what about those young women who always choose their first boyfriend on cuteness factor.

Choosing a bride or boyfriend on looks means selecting a house based on exteriors and paint only.

Good guys define their relationships on giving

Losers are always demanding. And women always want to give and help. This contradiction ensures that good guys and women almost never meet. How do you handle a guy who doesn’t ask anything but only gives. But that is the very definition of achievers. Cute guys are demanding, mostly money and your time.


Matters of the heart cannot be accurately defined. You cannot choose whom you fall in love with. Only those lucky ones who found love have a smile in their hearts. It is the chance of finding love that leads us on the path to mistakes.

Post Script

The boy is still persistent, asks his girl once again, “Are you even sure of yourself?”

“Not right now”, the girl replies, “But whenever I will decide, you will be the first to know.”

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