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Gone are the large screen computers which people used to use for accessing internet. Now its the large screen smartphone that is in everyone’s hand. A picture still speaks a thousand words. But you need to get the screen size right to maximize impact of your picture on the intended audience.

Sizes are confusing

Yes, that’s the bitter truth. So among the confusing mazes, let choose three basic sizes which are common. Square, Widescreen and 3:2 portrait.


Wide Screen 16:9

Let us at the onset rule out this picture ratio. This is how it looks on a smartphone.

Wide screen image on a smart phone

A lot of screen space is wasted and there is no reason why you should use this image size. Yes, it does fill up the mobile phone screen when viewed in landscape mode. But on social media, people seldom rotate their screen. Its portrait every time.

Square Size

This is the safest screen size. You can never go wrong with this size.

A photo is square size when the width and length is the same. This size is specially good for social media posts with content so that both the picture and text can be seen and read at the same time.

3:2 Portrait

Today social media is surfed on large screen smart phones. These phones typically have screen size of 6 inch plus. But they are also designed for single handed use. So they are more of elongated size. This brings us to our final size for that impactful post when you want a picture to dominate the screen.

This picture size fills up the mobile screens of all sizes today. This is also the camera option for most of the mobiles in portrait mode.

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