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You have got the attention of a viewer for your YouTube video. Analytics show that the 10 Minute Video, though captivating is going to distract the viewer after exactly four minutes. Analytics also show that beyond four minutes the viewer will then watch the complete video and will not know what to do next. For such distracting situations we have YouTube cards.

What is a YouTube Card

A YouTube card is like a link which shows on your video at the desired point of time.

what is a card

You can see the above video where a black exclamation mark on a white circle is visible on the top right. Clicking on this mark will open the following.

card expansion

Click on the link will take you to the hyperlink. Working of YouTube cards is explained at this official guide.

You can also check the working of the card on the video below.

How to add a card

Go to any video on Video Manager option and click edit. Click on the fifth tab on top labeled as Cards.

cards tab

Click on the Add Card blue colored button on the right. There are four types of cards.

  • Promote a Video or playlist
  • Promote another channel
  • Encourage viewers to participate in a poll
  • Link to an approved website

Each card is self explanatory. It is up to the up-loader to decide which cards should be used at what time. We shall start with a link to the blog post followed by a channel link towards the end.

Please note that the channel has to be associated with a website for the link to work. This option is available in settings.

On the next screen, YouTube card picks up details from your link. Call to action and Teaser can be added later.

Image too is automatically picked up from the link. Create Card button finalizes the card and places it in the video.

The position of the marker on time scale can change the position of the card. Now towards the 18th second, we shall add another card. This one shall be the next video in the same channel.

Click on add card after taking the time scale pointer at the desired location. Click on the first option of add another video or playlist. When you click on it, you get the list of all your videos.

Here is the video with the two cards in action.

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