Without a clause

without a clause

Someone sent me this meme greeting and it set me thinking as to the purpose of the phrase “Without a clause”. Classical sense I believed that such a situation cannot exist. But if it does how will it be. Let me try to decipher this seemingly impossible possibility.

What does Without a clause mean

Clause is a grammatical term. But in the literal sense it means, without a reason or precondition. Here is where the fun begins. Every relationship begins and ends with a reason, a need usually from both sides. Without a clause will mean that in a particular relationship one person or both approach the relationship without any preconditions. And in extreme cases, without a selfish reason.

Why clauses come

Lets take the example of friends. We all have a set of friends or acquaintances who broadly fall under two categories. First and usually smallest group are those who are unconditional. Second is a larger group who is always the free loaders type. They are only demanding and giving very less or nothing in return. We can almost ignore the selfish friends, but what if you are in a relationship with such a person. Or lets even consider the case that there is a certain person in your life who does everything for you without a clause.

On a side note, it is worth mentioning that celebrities and public figures have a fan following. These admirers come without a clause. Indian cricket team has a huge fan following. They go to stadiums to watch matches and cheer for their team without a clause.

Let the blame game begin

The man v/s woman debate has been on since ages, why should this article be different. Men do have the edge while claiming the title of giving everything without a reason, and they have history of doing so. But to be fair enough let us begin with an unbiased view.

How givers end up getting a raw deal

  • The taker assumes that I am entitled to it
  • The giver never asks anything in return
  • The taker thinks it is usual
  • The giver never tires
  • The taker spends his/her life running after someone or something else

What are you supposed to do if you land up with a giver

Be considerate of the needs of the giver. Without a clause comes at a cost. Bear in mind this cost while ignoring the giver.

Try to find out the needs of your giver and give it a full try to fulfil those needs. Usually the taker has one excuse or the other. But remember you can’t give anything back to a giver. So the least you can do is give back that thing which he or she is not asking. Do things to make your giver feel special.

The giver has feelings, do not ignore them. A small gesture in any case will make his or her day.

You will have one or two givers in our life. Rest all will be takers. Make up your mind whether you are going to run after the takers all your life serving them or will you turn back and acknowledge the one fan.

The joy of life is the smile of a giver.

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