Why it is important to help yourself first!


Have you seen people around you happy and wondered their secret. How their life is seemingly going on smoothly. A common factor for happy people is that they get tagged as ‘Selfish’. Vice versa is also true. Selfish people are happy. Happy people are selfish because they make themselves happy first. Let us try to list out the reasons for this seemingly unnatural behaviour.

You will help other better if your house is set in order first

Imagine you are having a torrid day, everyday and then someone asks for help. You will never be able to help because half the time you will have your own problems at the back of your mind. Even if you spare time for others, at the end of the day the feeling of emptiness will remain. Plus there is always the danger of some bigger problem coming up in your day, which means you will have to come back to solving your own problem midway of helping others.

Helping yourself will help set priority of people in your life

As you stop helping people, they will start leaving you. Do not worry of getting isolated because true friends will still remain with you no matter what. Only the pseudos’ will leave, for good. While you are basking in the glory of me time, suddenly you will find only those people who do not want anything from you, around you. These are those people who will refuse you help, even if you offer. Keep these people with you for life.

Helping people will spoil them, instead they need empowerment or a kick out of their laziness

Most of the people who keep asking you for help are either too lazy to do their work or they have this misplaced belief that you are available for them. Either case, they need a kick, out of their laziness or out of your life. Do this noble work on behalf of the almighty. You will be rewarded by the divine for this favour. After all even God does not like lazy people, but can do nothing from above.

Steps needed to begin with

  1. Put a full stop to helping other beginning today.
  2. If anyone approaches for help. turn them down. Addon that you are on a sabbatical for a year.
  3. Begin with small tasks like trimming nails, cleaning your wardrobe, brooming the house and so on. Cleaning activity is relaxing.
  4. Begin any physical activity like yoga or walking or jogging. Make it a daily routine.
  5. Don’t plan a vacation. You don’t need an escape, but need to take on life, head on.
  6. Plan one charitable work. Good idea would be to teach children at an NGO or teach adults one life skill which you know.

About the featured image

Did you imagine this tiny spider has worked for hours to bring this two blades of grass together to weave the perfect trap for food. A selfish and happy spider!

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