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Link Parties

A good way to get traffic to your blog is by submitting article links for link parties. It is a simple process and works on interaction basis. It gives you an opportunity to link up with fellow bloggers.

What is a link party

A website who is hosting a link party will announce the theme of the week. Visitors can submit a link of their article post through a form. Visitors posts links appear below the post. Websites hosting a link party have a few recommendations. There has to be a linkback or mention in the post about the link party. You have to visit the other links and leave comments.

Advantages of joining a linkup

  • Among the articles which you write on your blog consisting of 300 words or more, a picture post is refreshing change.
  • Lots of bloggers at one place. That is a treasure trove of connections.
  • Do post a comment on other links along with the link to your blog article. Bloggers usually reciprocate.
  • Plan for a link up in advance and bring out the photographer in you.
  • A blog can be of any theme or niche, but can always post a picture.

How to host a link party

There are two ways to host a link party on your website. First is by placing a custom code and custom design. Other easy way is using tools. Two of the most popular tools are Inlinkz and Linky Tools 2020. You can also have a look at Mister Linky. First create your account and then your first linkup by creating a code and then inserting the code in your blog post. Here is an example of a link party. Tools are simple to use and straight forward instructions.

Popular Linkup pages

Wordless Wednesday
A nice catchy theme, simple design. They give a theme for the week and the link appear below the post. Themes are generic in nature and quite broad based. Wordless has been around for 5 years plus.

Skywatch Friday
This is another popular linkup where the common theme every week is sky. Pictures have to contain a sky or portion of it. Since theme is the same and known in advance, bloggers can plan their posts well in advance. Skywatch is here since 2008. This is much before Instagram was conceived.

Link Parties

Our World Tuesday
Similar to Wordless Wednesday, this one also has a weekly theme. It is better than Wordless because it shows a thumbnail along with the link. So if you have an eye catching picture, it will value add.

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