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#lockdown began in India by an address to the nation by the PM on 19 March 2020. He asked people to observer Janata Curfew on Sunday, 22 March. Janta Curfew was voluntary but it was a dry run for the longer battle ahead.

PM Modi addressed the nation a second time on 24 March. He announced that the nation will go into a lockdown from midnight onwards. He said that the decision was difficult one but had to be taken to conquer the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the reasons why India was forced into a lockdown.

India is the second most populous nation in the world. It has large population centers where health experts believed that coronavirus can transmit between people to people easily. But the people of India beat all expectations. As a tribute to health workers and Govt official, PM Modi urged people to stand at their balconies or door steps and clap for health workers. People all over the country enthusiastically participated. This was later copied by the whole world in providing tribute to health workers and law enforcement at the fore front of the fight. A new term started being used, Corona-warriors. Pm Modi asked Indians to switch off lights at home and light up a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 PM on April 05, 2020. Some people with misplaced technical knowledge questioned the wisdom of such a move predicting that the national grid will collapse when people switch on their lights again. Here are the reasons explaining it.

Let us understand COVID-19

There are a lot of questions regarding COVID-19 and terms like coronavirus. Here are a few articles explaining the meaning of all terms.

Explaining the meaning and origin of all terms

A further explanation in Q & A form

A brief history and timeline of the initial spread of the virus.

Articles covering the economic impact

One of the fallouts of coronavirus pandemic and people staying home was the reductions in pollution levels all over the world, albeit drastic.

Some countries are battling the virus with a very heavy price.


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