Blogger by Google

Most user friendly and popular option for beginners. Basic in Design & Adsense ready.

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Blog on

Blogging platform on steroids with themes & plugins. Paid plan has way more power

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Guide for Blogging

What is a blog? How to begin with blogging? Do I have to take a paid package for a professional blog? All your questions answered here.

search engine optimization

Definitive guide to SEO

SEO is not just for SEO experts. SEO is easy. Here is a simple guide for bloggers, authors and publishers.

self hosted wordpress

Self hosted WordPress

Announce the world that you have arrived as a blogger. Get the ultimate and most desired blog setup.



Site Title : With or without spaces

Websites or blogs who have single word as website name or title are lucky that they do not have to bother about spaces. But for websites who have two or…

Is cloud hosting necessary for bloggers

Hosting companies have started unveiling their Cloud Hosting plans. From a bloggers perspective, for a low traffic blog or a beginners blog is mostly hosted on Shared Linux Hosting which…

The Blogger and Pinterest (dis)connect

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a ‘virtual’ pin up board for photographs. Pinterest has a simple design. It is easy and intuitive to use. Users accepted Pinterest in hordes because…

The Blogger and Facebook (dis)connect

Facebook profile and Facebook page is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a blogger. The year is 2016 and Facebook is rolling out newer and newer features. In…

How bloggers use Instagram

Instagram is a photo messaging and photo sharing app. It can only be used on a camera enabled smart phone or tablet. A desktop app is also available with limited…

What is a Website

Many bloggers have this basic question asked sometime in the beginning of their blogging journey.

Single Page Website

Single Page Website is the most convenient way to setup your digital online identity.

Digital Terms

Bloggers will at some time give a part of their work to experts. Understand the tech jargon here.