Places to skip while visiting…a masterstroke in Blogging strategies

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Bloggers have to keep coming up with innovative ideas to remain in contention with search results. One recent example of such out of the box thinking deserves a mention. Blogger in question has written an article which lists out places to skip while traveling to a particular destination.

Here is a link to the article in question

Analysis of the action from utility point of view

Let us look at the article from a traveler point of view who is looking for some advice. The traveler in question is looking forward to his/her trip to Dalhousie. Traveler searches the internet to plan a trip. But there is no filter among the tons and tons of info available on Dalhousie. All places are listed as good and must visit. Hotels are as it is asking their guests to stay a little longer to discover unseen Dalhousie. So what options are available with the traveler, except to rediscover the wheel again.

The article in question lists of places with specific reasons as to why they can be skipped. Take for example Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. This is one example of taking a detour of two hours minimum to reach a place where there are no wild animals in a sanctuary. There are two forest guest houses available to stay. Maybe the perfect place to stay in solitude, but again no wildlife. Not even birds.

So from a travelers interest point of view, full marks to the article.

Analysis of the action from bloggers point of view

Places to skip might not be a common search term on Google. But this is a new concept. From bloggers point of view this is a new idea. It might not get viral immediately, but the concept is fresh. It might actually spawn a new category of articles, where there is a filter in place.

Since blogging is all about interaction, it might actually start an analytical chain of action on a particular concept or product or idea. From bloggers point of view, such fresh thinking is always welcome.

Comments by readers on places to skip

Readers support is overwhelming for such a move. Also there is atleast one reader who has pointed out the fact that one cannot dictate a traveler what cannot be visited as it is a purely personal choice. Overall though some readers have pointed out the utility of the same and the freshness of the idea.


  1. I am having problems in understanding this article.It purports to be about blogging, but in reality discusses problems experienced by people using Google. I can’t see the connection – can anyone help? Des.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes this article has been written for only those bloggers who are working on strategies to improve SEO scores by innovative means.

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