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April 22, 2016

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Aim is to bring all blogging resources and references under one roof. Journey to infinity is to reach the first page of Google search results.

Basics Explained

Here are short guides to understand concepts

  • What is a blog – Understand the concept of a blog Click here
  • What is a website – Get the basics of websites Click here
  • What is a single page website – Single page websites are fun and interesting Click here

A blog is a list of articles in reverse chronological order. WordPress is a blogging platform. So is Blogger by Google. WordPress will help you design a real complex website. But for that you need to have a self hosted WordPress. Single page website is just an ordinary website, but without the multiple pages that are there in a normal website. Single page is easy to scroll on a smartphone. Content can be placed in blocks in a logical flow to captivate the visitor. Usually as a rule, single page websites do not have articles.

Your blog is ready, what to do next

There is a simple question staring in front of every blogger who is new in the business. How to get more traffic? Here is the simplest and straight forward guide you will ever find.

Advanced tools and the dis-connect series

Just like spiritual people feel blessed by the universe, bloggers are blessed with some powerful tools like Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Below are some guides which will give some ideas.

Bloggers and Webmasters should know how to configure social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You should also know where links are permitted or where links help reach you website article. For more detailed analysis check out articles below.

  • How bloggers use Instagram – Click here
  • How bloggers use Facebook – Coming soon
  • How bloggers use Twitter – Coming soon
  • How bloggers use Tumblr – Coming soon

Advanced tutorials and guides

This section has a collection of basic and advanced guides and tutorials. Using these tutorials you can setup your blog for a nice social media presence and steady flow of visitors.

Let us begin with the basic guide for bloggers. Anyone who wants to start blogging and don’t know where and how to start can begin with these two basic power houses. While Blogger by Google is very very basic, it has the advantage of Adsense. Feature-wise is much more powerful and versatile.

For someone who needs a variation, go for these two options, but beware, they have their quirkyness.

  • How to use Weebly – Click here
  • How to use Wix – Coming soon

Social media guides

First step should be establishing presence on the two powerful platforms on social media scene, Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Account.

Basic & Essential pages on a Website


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