How to verify he is in love – the girl guide

in love


One of the things that cannot be faked. His fascination for you is total and will be life long. It might get to the extent that anything you do will excite him. He might write paragraphs praising what you have done.

Seek attention

Impressing you will always find top place on his agenda. It is a way to seek your attention.


He will listen to whatever you say. Allow you to speak first and finish last. A lot of this listening comes without any judgement. You can even get away discussing other boys with him. Or anyone else whom you have feelings for.

Let you win arguments

In any case whatever you say will always be right. That does not mean there wont be arguments and fights. But you will win, effortless.

Will be nervous and flustered

He will lose confidence in front of you. Make grammatical mistakes. Cannot decide whether to think about you or speak to you.

Jealousy factor goes on and on

There is no end to he getting jealous. It will carry on and on till the end. At times jealousy will assume ridiculous proportions. He will be jealous of your friends, ex-boyfriends, relatives, best friends, etc.

He is the one who will do all the waiting

Humans are born impatient. So is true for boys too. So there is someone who is hurrying in love. But there is only one who will like to wait.

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