How to survive in a Conformist world

non-conformist people

Have you ever felt different as a kid or as an adult? Did you not feel excited when children your age were swinging bats and balls or dressing up dolls. How the entire family members around you are engrossed in something entertaining and between the laughs and claps, you felt like an alien. Are there times when the whole town is gaga about a movie and when you finally see it with friends, you wished you never seen it at all.

If all this is true then it is confirmed that you are a certified non-conformist. This article will give you tips on how to survive in a conformist world and still keep your identity intact. More importantly we shall first see what is non conformist behavior.

Do non-conformists exists. Or is it just a situation which makes a person behave non-conformist?

Non-conformists are born rebels. They are natural at breaking rules and questioning norms of society. They are rare, but not uncommon. But there are a lot of pseudo non-conformists out there. People who pretend to be rebels. Fakes make a lot of noise convincing themselves and others that they are non-conformists. Worse is that people actually start believing. Because all these fakes are copying, is proof enough that real non-conformists exist. Non-conformists behave the natural way in situations. Fakes have to think what to do next and how to enact.

Non-conformists have superior feelings and intelligence. They are ambitious.

Who is a conformist and Who is non-conformist?

They are spiritual and superstitiousThey are realist
Believe in chain messagesBelieve in breaking chain messages
Find every Whatsapp message authentic and educativeDo not forward WhatsApp messages to anyone
Believe in the invisible power of GodDon’t feel the need to explain
Always have an opinionAre free thinkers
Ready to take creditAre artists and creators
Preach a lotAre naturally born teachers
Will explain to you how a traditional function is celebratedAre radical
Will occasionally dress differently, wear an angry look on the face and talk differentlyWill not agree with you
Will get the top scores in all kinds of examsWill go for exams without studying

Can you get away being a non-conformist?

Conformist behavior is herd mentality. It is where most of the sheep go. Being conformist is all about following rules. It is about getting confidence, survival instinct and strength in numbers. Human mind is hard coded to live as followers. To some rock star, or spiritual leader or business typhoon. Conformist people are all those bits and pieces which form part of a giant machinery. Going about their lives in a clockwork precision.

You can never get away challenging rules. It puts those following the rules in extremely bad light. Makes them look like fools. Non-conformists have the biggest problem during their school days. They do not understand why they are different but get ostracized and bullied for being different. Children are innocent and they can never change what they are, especially for the the benefit of others. College days is a bit different because it is time of discovery and self understanding. Still a bit shaky but getting there slowly.

As adults, non-conformist people are the best. They seem always happy, elude extreme confidence and somehow things happen to go their way. Others see them getting success without much apparent effort. Not that efforts are not there, they are just invisible. The fake non-conformists show it to the world, how they worked hard to get there. Non-conformists just smile.

Society try to unsettle them by asking them to fall in line. In such cases the best defense is confrontation. “What if I don’t do it!!!” After such a threat and society backs off. This confidence comes from achievement. Achievement brings in power. Non-conformists do have their down phases during which they can go in serious depression, taking things to extreme. In such situations they usually get themselves out by starting new and starting small.

Any negatives of non-conformists

At times, they can be plain irritating and annoying. They will never agree to your point of view. But the greatest mistake that a non-conformist can do is changing people around them. People resist change, and conformists oppose any attempt to change them. If you try to change someone and that does not work, you will get frustrated. Yes, non-conformists try to change the behavior of people from time to time and they can get obsessed with it.

Can you ever be friends with a non-conformist. Yes, you have to surrender first!

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