Embrace who you are and stop feeling special about it

Feeling special makes us happy. All those chemicals in our brain and actions in subconscious mind work with only this one aim in mind. But if the brain is tricking you into believing you are special, you need to trick it back. First let us understand, is feeling special necessary. Does it make us perform better.

You will find everyone around you professing terms like self love, feeling blessed and so on amplified multifold on social media. The best example we can think of is the ‘papa ki pari’ slogan pasted on bio of young women. Which dad does not fall love at first sight with his daughter and that is for life. But to announce it on social media as if it is something special and unique is a bit far fetched.

Life itself is a blessing, you don’t need to ask anything beyond it. Stop counting your blessings

Our day as humans is full of beautiful moments. Morning rising sun, lung full of fresh air, that blessed mug of coffee, travel to work and partying hard at the end of work. We are told that these are small gifts of life. What if we are entitled to it, just like anyone else. What if these are normal things. Yes we do have a tendency to find beauty in everything. So stop wasting time in beautifying normal. Yes, you can do that as a part of relaxation. But doing it daily is a waste.

Another problem with this behavior is that when the real deal comes your way, it will get lost in the haze of daily beautiful moments which you are appreciating.

A special person becomes special after a special achievement

Let’s take the case of an Olympic 100m sprint runner. 1996 Atlanta Olympics saw the maximum number of male athletes competing for a slot in the final race. 104 men from 75 nations. There was just one gold medalist at the end. There was once this college going kid who used to write a diary. Once his father saw it and asked him what are your achievements that you are noting down. The boy grew up to be one of the greatest general of World War 2, but he never wrote his autobiography.

The real problem begins when you start believing that you are special. This leads you to believe that you have already achieved something. It makes you feel that you have already achieved everything. It hinders the process of from making you set aims and achieve them. Being normal helps you set daily targets and focus on your final aim.

Discover who you really are and start working upwards

Being normal sucks but it also helps you to unravel your true self. This is needed to find out what is your baseline. Achievers begin small but they are completely in the know of their own capabilities and shortcomings. They spend their lives working on their aims and working to improve their weakness and converting them to strengths. They peak at the right time and from there on they refuse to fade away.

Once you are set on a goal, there is no need to bother about the tiny things happening around you daily. They blur away slowly till just your aims come into focus.


  • Convince yourself that you are simple person with goals.
  • Stop announcing that you are about to achieve something or already done.
  • Normalise all the special things happening around you.
  • Eat good and exercise to keep your body fit.

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