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The striking commonality between the movie “Pink” and Utsav case is that men almost as a rule consider certain signs as an invitation that she is interested. These men have no clue about what is inappropriate behavior and that it is not allowed by law. To call such men majnus is inappropriate in itself, but we have to call them something, with due apologies to Layla. Let us understand this majnu behavior, what are the early signs and how to block it on social media.

Social media is a cesspool of questionable human behaviour. 

Why so many majnus online

For centuries the women of this subcontinent have taken upon themselves not to educate their boys about inappropriate behavior. Ancient family support system means that there will be a couple of boys in a family who will survive without any gainful employment. Universities are like factories churning out hundreds of graduates every year. Many of these IT engineers do digital marketing in their spare time and also join the majnu squad.

Are women encouraging majnus

Not intentionally, but yes at-least in the beginning stages. This is what exactly happened in the Utsav episode. As a comedian he got instant fame overnight. So when his female fans started sending messages of appreciation or regular fan messages he responded by asking for inappropriate pics in return. One woman came out in the open and then there was an avalanche of messages from other women who had been at the receiving end of his behavior. Screenshots of all these messages were posted on Twitter. Till date he defends his behavior because he felt entitled to them.

A guy with good looks, promise of a great conversation is all like a magnetic attraction to many women. And getting appreciated is like a cherry on the cake. But for most of these dudes, this is just a game.

Step to take care of this online problem

Have you always felt that women are always the focus of online attention. As a women entrepreneur were you ever surprised that on your purely business accounts with product and services posts, you still get direct messages for franship (pun intended!!!). Let us understand this issue with the help of an example and a solution.

A 22 year old woman had uninstalled Facebook app due to too much of stress. She tried just once to reinstall it, but the amount of messages just hung up her smartphone. We took upon the work of sanitizing her account of majnu virus and let her focus on getting customers through online engagement.

The first step was to log into the account at 1am. This is the time when majnus get active. On seeing the green light, at least a hundred chat windows popped up. Some of them straightway jumped to video calls. We had recently launched a product page for this woman entrepreneur. One by one we send links of the website pages asking them to read the article and comment on the product. More than 50% chatters simply left, some of them even without saying good bye. Till morning just one persisted after reading five articles. We kicked out these friends and banned them too.

Majnus log in between 1am to 2 am at night. Once they send a chat hi, just block and ban them.

This activity continued for one solid week. By day 5, the number of open chat windows fell to just three to four. By day 7 all was quiet on the battle front. Facebook had also learned that this account is going to block and ban majnus. Yes, there is something called as suggested friends which Facebook does to keep your life miserable. Facebook and Instagram will never quit to forward your account details as suggested friends to majnus. But if you are firm enough to kick out and ban such accounts, the frequency of majnus reaching your account will drop to a trickle and eventually disappear. As entrepreneurs you will need to make space for these people to go out so that you can get real customers.

The next step was deleting all pending friends request and blocking all fake profiles.

Fake profiles are easy to detect. Either no profile picture or thin content or no content. Do not allow such accounts to remain in your friend list. Kick them out.

On Instagram remove all fake profiles and anyone who has no business of being one of your followers. Report and Block the account and make social media a safer place for other women.

It is quite evident that this is a fake profile. But at least 472 followers do not think so, most of them are women followers. Do not encourage such behavior. You might be a seasoned person handling Majnus on social media but imagine the traumatic experience young girls will go through after YOU have encouraged such fake profiles. Because these people will stop at nothing till they get a response. Not everyone is as strong as your are. Women who have been on social media for years may find this experience harrowing.

If such profiles comment on your post, delete the comment immediately and block the person.

Majnus are time wasters no matter how handsome.

Agreed majnus are good conversation starters but as entrepreneurs you will end up wasting time. There is no growth with a majnu because he only wants everything without giving anything back in return. They have mastered the art of how to win over people and leave them soon enough.

Good guys finish last, and they are always difficult to find.

Good guys are the ones who will encourage your work. They will read your posts and comment on them. They will share your work and create new business opportunities for you. Make one of them your friend and see each other grow. Where to find these good guys. They are around, but with so many majnus crowded around, they are not easily visible. If you do find one, don’t let them go because they aren’t exactly looking for “franship

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