The Blogger and Pinterest (dis)connect

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a ‘virtual’ pin up board for photographs. Pinterest has a simple design. It is easy and intuitive to use. Users accepted Pinterest in hordes because the concept is refreshing.  Pinterest is specially popular among the female audience. From a Bloggers point of view, an account on Pinterest is important to…… Continue reading The Blogger and Pinterest (dis)connect

The Blogger and Facebook (dis)connect

Facebook profile and Facebook page is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a blogger. The year is 2016 and Facebook is rolling out newer and newer features. In this article we shall see the features which are of special interest to bloggers. Date of review : Mid 2016 Difference between a Facebook account…… Continue reading The Blogger and Facebook (dis)connect

How bloggers use Instagram

Instagram is a photo messaging and photo sharing app. It can only be used on a camera enabled smart phone or tablet. A desktop app is also available with limited features. Instagram is a blend of social networking and photo sharing. It allows people to showcase their content as well as connect with people with…… Continue reading How bloggers use Instagram

How to start a blog on

Earlier we had seen how to start a blog on Blogger by Google. In this article we see how to start a blog on Now before we proceed, it is essential to note that WordPress as a blogging platform provides two services. One is where you only need to choose the correct…… Continue reading How to start a blog on

How to start a blog on Blogger by Google

Blogger by Google had defined the world of blogging till it was taken over by storm by WordPress. But Blogger still remains a popular blogging platform. It is actively developed by Google. Though the design has not gone any revolutionary changes, the integration with Google + or Google AdSense is neat. In this article we…… Continue reading How to start a blog on Blogger by Google