The Blogger and Facebook (dis)connect


Facebook profile and Facebook page is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a blogger. The year is 2016 and Facebook is rolling out newer and newer features. In this article we shall see the features which are of special interest to bloggers.

Date of review : Mid 2016

Difference between a Facebook account and Facebook page

Simply put in, the Facebook Account is for people who are your friends, while the Facebook Page is for people who are your customers. While as a blogger, you can choose to use only the account to link up with friends and post links to your blog articles. But eventually you will the saturation point of either adding more friends who may or may not be interested in friendship and/or reading your blog.

Facebook Page on the other hand is designed keeping business interests in mind. It has a large number of tools to showcase your business to your customers. Facebook is constantly upgrading and adding more features to the page for business. For bloggers using a Facebook Page the following things are essential.

  • A brief about your blog
  • A brief about yourself
  • A gallery of your images
  • A link to your blog
  • Profile picture and Cover Page
  • Name and Username
  • Phone Number and Email Address

Difference between a Name and Username

A Username will be displayed in the format as a URL.

A username is searchable by appending the character @. It will also be displayed under the name. So in the above example, soonev is the username while the name for the page has been given as

A username has to be available to be claimed. Once claimed, it can be changed, but it will take some time so that it is available for others.

Selecting a name will be governed by the policy guidelines of for names.


Insights as the name suggests, gives you analysis on each activity that your page has encountered with the audience. It shows the organic and paid hits clearly. Insight also covers page activity like which info was accessed by visitors.

Publishing Tools

Publishing tools allow user to schedule the publish of a post. It also gives a snapshot of details of each post. There are a lot of tools available for business users. Explore and tune each setting so that it can help your blog the best.





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