Blogger by Google

Most user friendly and popular option for beginners. Basic in Design & Adsense ready.

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Blog on

Blogging platform on steroids with themes & plugins. Paid plan has way more power

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Guide for Blogging

What is a blog? How to begin with blogging? Do I have to take a paid package for a professional blog? All your questions answered here.

search engine optimization

Definitive guide to SEO

SEO is not just for SEO experts. SEO is easy. Here is a simple guide for bloggers, authors and publishers.

self hosted wordpress

Self hosted WordPress

Announce the world that you have arrived as a blogger. Get the ultimate and most desired blog setup.



Roundup of COVID-19 related posts

Here is a summary of posts published on COVID-19 till date of Start Blog Writing. #lockdown began in India by an address to the nation by the PM on 19…
non-conformist people

How to survive in a Conformist world

Have you ever felt different as a kid or as an adult? Did you not feel excited when children your age were swinging bats and balls or dressing up dolls.…

How to create an engaging post title

Here is how visitors will see an article link on Facebook and WhatsApp. Here is a link to the article. On social media or messengers, the title & featured image…

What is a Website

Many bloggers have this basic question asked sometime in the beginning of their blogging journey.

Single Page Website

Single Page Website is the most convenient way to setup your digital online identity.

Digital Terms

Bloggers will at some time give a part of their work to experts. Understand the tech jargon here.